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Leaflet distribution with detailed information about factory
farming and vegetarianism is one of the most often used strategies to promote a
meat-free diet, in the United States, and in a growing number of other
countries, from Australia to the United Kingdom.

Evidence in support of leafleting efficiency is very strong in
comparison to other animal rights strategies. The ‘Vegan Outreach’ organization,
pioneer of vegan leafleting, has been receiving an impressive feedback: the
activists that distribute leaflets meet daily people who have became vegetarian or reduced their meat consumption as a result of receiving a leaflet, and
many appear to be visibly shocked when they realize how animals are treated,
showing disposition to change their dietary habits.

survey done in north-american universities where leaflets
about vegetarianism are regularly distributed concluded that, since 2006 (the time when
distribution peaked), there was an increase in the number of vegetarians and

In 2013, the Humane League organization developed another study in cooperation with Farm Sanctuary, in order to assess the impact of
leafleting. They visited some of the main campus of two US universities and
locally distributed hundreds of leaflets to students. Two months afterwards,
they returned to those same campus and asked the students to fill a survey,
without disclosing the nature of the questions. After having revealed the
matter, only the students who received a leaflet (almost 500) filled the
survey. The results were as following: 1 in each 50 students who received the
leaflet said that he or she became a vegetarian or pescetarian; 7% (1 in 14)
said that now ate considerably less chicken meat, eggs and dairy; 6% said
that ate a lot less fish meat, and 12% said that have reduced their red meat
consumption, all of these, as a result of receiving the leaflet two months
prior. This means that, according to a conservative calculation, for each 100 leaflets
that were handed out, at least 50 animals were saved from a lifetime of misery.
That is one animal life saved for each two leaflets. All of this in the first
year, and without taking into consideration other people that may have been
influenced, such as friends, family members of those college students. (Please
see: How many animals does a vegetarian save?

Animal Charity Evaluators, an organization that attempts to understand
which are the most efficient ways of helping animals, has done a practical
of leaflet distribution and concluded that:

“Leafleting is a promising and relatively well-studied area of intervention.
ACE encourages this intervention, both for its overall effectiveness and due to
its potential to involve new activists.”

Based on these results and the positive feedback that Vegan Outreach has
been getting, the Portuguese Vegetarian Association decided to bring this
method of conveying information about vegetarianism into Portuguese colleges.

In order to make leafleting as efficient as possible, we have
attentively followed the studies conducted by The Humane League Labs
, which investigates which kind of language should be used, what type
of images ought to be displayed, and so on, in order to maximize its impact. Moreover, we
have based our leaflets on the results of further studies, referred in the
important and notorious book written by Nick Cooney, Veganomics.
Our leaflet has 16 colour pages, with diversified information about
vegetarianism (from quotes from famous people, to information about animals and their
capacities, intensive farming practices, the impact of fishing and animal farming,
nutritional and dietary information, Q&A´s, various tips for new
vegetarians, book, movie and video suggestions for further learning, with a vast
array of referenced information).

With the help of our sponsors, we managed to print 20.000 pamphlets of our first leaflet edition

Between 2014 and 2015, we have distributed over 19.000 leaflets of “Faz Parte da Mudança in many parts of the country. We have distributed at several universities, events and public spaces, thus informing thousands of people of how animals are raised and killed by the industries who exploit them, and also, about vegetarian alternatives. We roamed from north to the south of the country, and have been at Lisbon, Setúbal, Caldas da Rainha, Porto and Faro.

Below, you can see some pictures taken during our distribution events (we have more of these pictures in our facebook page, which you may accede through here.

Currently, we are working on a new leaflet edition, to improve it even further, and reach out to more people. If our leaflets are as useful as the the ones referred to in the previously mentioned studies, and taking into consideration that each leaflet costs about 0,10 cents to be produced, we estimate that each 0,20 cents is the cost of saving an animal. One euro could save 5 animals, and 10 euros could save 50 animals!

But this will only be possible with your help. Our goal is raising 1,900€. For this, we ask for a generous small donation that would allow us to save as many animals as possible in this following year. We also ask you to share this initiative with other people, so that we can fulfill our objective as soon as possible.

All the donation money will be used in leaflet printing. For sake of transparence, we will be disclosing a full list of all received donations (if you´d prefer to stay anonymous, please let us know).

NIB: 0033 – 0000 – 45439919564 – 05
IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 4543 9919 5640 5

see our previous work!

Feira Alternativa de Lisboa (between 5 and 7 September, 2014)
Lisbon Faculty of Fine Arts and Baixa-Chiado. 400 leaflets delivered. 19 September 2014.

Cidade Universitária in Lisbon. More than a 1000 leaflets delivered! 26 September 2014.

Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon. 1 October 2014
World Vegetarian Day)
. We delivered more than 1300 leaflets!
Tiago (vegetarian student of Técnico) joined us and delivered 500 leaflets!

Later, Tiago told us that a classmate of a friend decided to change because of the leaflet received on the faculty!

Distribuition of 500 leaflets at Lisbon School of Technology and at Parque das Nações 6 October 2014.

Inês and Rita during the distribuition at School of Fine Arts and design of Caldas da Rainha, 22 October 2014. Inês tells the following about the distribuition at Caldas:
“I talked with many people during and after the delivering of the leaflets, and the reactions were mostly positive.”

Distribuition of 571
leaflets at P
olytechnic Institute of Lisbon, which includes Lisbon College of CommunicationLisbon College of Music and  Lisbon College of Education. 23 October 2014. 

1000 leaflets were delivered at Faculty of Social and Human Sciences and at Campo Pequeno! 24 October 2014.

400 leaflets delivered at Lisbon Faculty of Sciences and at Lisbon Faculty of Pharmacy. We saw a lot of people reading the leaflet in the faculty. Even in the subway, after the distribuition, there was a girl reading the leaflet. 🙂 28 October 2014.

700 leaflets distributed at ISCTE-IUL.

We delivered about 1300 leaflets at Pólo
Universitário da Ajuda
, which includes Lisbon 
Faculty of Architecture, Lisbon Faculty Veterinary Medicine and Institute of Social and Political Sciences. 31 October 2014.

400 leaflets delivered at Lisbon Faculty of Medicine! 6 November 2014.

At Setúbal Professional School we gave a talk entitled: “The benefits of the vegetarian diet”, watched by students of many classes. We also delivered about 100 leaflets. 20 November 2014.

20 April 2015. Our colleagues from Algarve pelos Animais delivered 400 leaflets at Campus da Penha of the Algarve Univesity, in Faro!

11 May 2015. We delivered 1100 leaflets at Lisbon Lusófona University.

The Porto branch of AVP held their first distribuion in the 15 of May, 2015.
It was on the Trindade subway station and 100 leaflets were delivered. It was at rush hour and many students received leaflets.

In the 18 of Maio, 2015 we delivered 400 leaflets at Autonomous University of Lisbon and 200 leaflets at Marquês de Pombal subway station.
And also, in the same day, other group delivered 550 leaflets at Catholic University of Lisbon!

18 May 2015. The Porto branch of AVP delivered about 700 leaflets at Pólo Universitário da Asprela, and later in the same day, 300 leaftlets next to the Trindade subway station.

26 May 2015. The Porto branch of AVP went to Porto Faculty of Fine Arts and delivered some hundreds of leaflets  

28 May 2015. The Porto branch was at Pólo Campo Alegre of Porto Faculty of Sciences. We delivered about 700 leaflets in two hours.

We also went to Lisbon Book Fair and delivered about 300 leaflets! 30 May 2015.

And also, in the same Saturday, the Porto branch was at this year’s edition of Serralves em Festa, delivering leaflets at the entrance. 500 leaflets were delivered! 

AVP was in the festival Encontro de Alternativas em Sintra, 29, 30 e 31 May 2015. During the 3 days of the event, we delivered about 400 leaflets!